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The Lost Smile

The Lost Smile

it begins with a twitching at the side of your cheeks
slowly but surely its existence undeniable inevitable
so quickly you recoil once again
the barriers once again brought up
prevent you from hurt
protect you from harm
did you know its gone
hidden in the place
broken toys wounded hearts and shattered dreams
where you hid your smile

you dont see it do you little do you know its already gone whenever i told you how gorgeous you are both in the light and in the dark i meant every single word of it especially when you smiled yet i saw it the first time i saw you smile the same smile i fell in love with was not the one my heart truly desired look at the eyes as i always said not the lips the eyes are reserved guarded feared and once the reason was gone it never existed again for it never belonged to me it was never mine


The cries in the dark, the wails in the shadows.
Blood screams to blood like sirens in the night.
You were never mine to have, to hold, to..

Walk with me towards the light,
I’d use every ounce of strength,
to carry you when you are weak,
to help you up when you fall,
but remember this:
Just one step before the light,
I’d nudge you over the threshold,
and as the light suffuses your being,
as the gentle whiteness touches your face,
I’d release your hand and fall,
falling backwards into the dark once again.
Remember what I’ve always reminded you of.
Look away bright eyes, Because sometimes, I fall apart.
This, my love, is the only gift that I can give to you.

Go, go into the light
Rediscover that smile you lost.
It’s somewhere out there.
Let me be the ultimate fool.
For I am of the damned.
World’s use is cold,
World’s love is vain,
World’s cruelty is bitter bane,
But Pain is not the fruit of pain.

Go, now. Find your smile.
Give it to someone worthwhile.


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