Tiger Tiger Tamer

Fie, cruel ringmaster, temperamental tiger tamer

spare thy cruel whip and stinging commands

thy cat lies broken

tail clipped

ears nipped

body whipped

teeth filed down

declawed like a common housecat


Is the tiger still a threat bound like a common hog on slaughterhouse table

sides pierced with blood running down its hide, eyes glazed, nose bruised

senses dulled. Tiger feels no more pain, ’tis tragic beast of burden and suffering

Tiger mourns the tenuous memory of biting thy tamer’s wrist,

for no beast shalt bite the hand that feeds them,

yet even as scars remain upon her lissome arm, beat tiger into submission


tiger sits within the iron bars

nose pressed between the steel restraints

mournfully gazing at a world beyond

no escape, no road to freedom


The fire’s gone, the light is out

Even embers cease to glow

Snuff life itself out,

tiger only dreams

his tiger dreams

those striped



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